Sharing information and experience has been a continuing theme of Fishing Adventures Thailand. Even before our inception in May of 1999, I was an avid writer and corresponded regularly with anglers around the globe. Scores of articles, hundreds of testimonials and thousands of e-mails later, the following is a compilation of some of the most interesting and informative conversations, press releases, articles and interviews.

We will endeavor to keep this section current as more and more anglers share their personal experiences and outstanding accomplishments.

Jean-Francois Helias, Founder of Fishing Adventures Thailand

26 March 2007
Interview: Jean-Francois Helias On Cobra Snakeheads - Part 1
13 March 2007
Record: 3 New IGFA Records Achieved By Fishing Adventures Thailand
5 March 2007
Email: I wish to thank you guys for your very kind and warm support!
1 March 2007
Record: 175lb 6oz (79.54 kg) Mekong giant catfish breaks the current 138lb 14oz IGFA record!
5 February 2007
Newsletter: Joe Taylor nails 100 lb double header Siamese carp and Mekong catfish
20 October 2006
Book chapter: The Mekong Giant Catfish, The World's Undisputed Heavyweight Champion! - By Jean-Francois Helias
2 October 2006
Record: 2 Barramundi IGFA records for UK fly fishing expert John Mitchell
26 April 2006
Record: Giant Featherback IGFA All Tackle record for Lek Sungwichien-Helias
3 March 2005
Record: The dream came true!
26 September 2004
Correspondance: Shet Up & Cast!
1 September 2004
Newsletter: A 187 pound Mekong giant catfish caught on August 29, 2004
30 April 2004
Article: Taken For A Six Hours Ride By A 220 lb Freshwater Stingray!
9 April 2004
Correspondance: You learned something that day! That trout learned something too!
1 June 2003
Article: Exotic Thailand - By Steve Ryan, USA
1 March 2003
Article: Fishing In Thailand For Snakeheads - By Sue Harris, England
20 December 2002
Article: Stalking Giant Snakeheads - By Robert Davis, Bangkok Post
1 May 2002
Article: Scenic & Picturesque, Peaceful & Quiet By Singaporean freelance writer Chee Meng Tan
1 April 2002
Article: Jungle Fishing For Freshwater Predators In Thailand - By Johnny Jensen, Denmark
1 March 2002
Article: Fishing Bangkok A Lady Angler's adventure - By Jacinta Goh, Singapore - Part 2
1 March 2002
Article: Fishing Bangkok A Lady Angler's adventure - By Jacinta Goh, Singapore - Part 1


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