Seasons - Snakehead, samourai des eaux thailandaises (April 2010)

Director: Charles Vallee
Runtime: 90 minutes

After hearing of the reputation of professional fishing guide Jean-Francois Helias, it had long been the ambition of award winning French director Charles Vallee to meet up and film the maestro in action. He used the prize money from this latest award to travel to Thailand accompanied by a leading light in French angling, Frank Hiribarne, in an attempt to capture the angling styles of two different generations.

The two hit it off immediately, the fishing was excellent, and after being shown on French cable TV the film was subject to critical acclaim. Jean-Francois regards this as the best example to date of his work in Thailand.

Species too numerous to mention were landed on a daily basis, but most notable were a rare Splendid Snakehead (Channa lucius) and an equally rare Emperor Snakehead (Channa marulioides) both caught on lure by Jean-Francois from their natural surroundings in beautiful Southern Thailand.


Ultimate Fishing – Promotional film (January 2010)

Director: Martin Lefebvre
Runtime: 42 minutes

Ultimate Fishing is a leading French company dedicated to the supply and design of top quality lure fishing equipment.

In January 2010, the team guided by Jean-Francois Helias came to Thailand to engage in some product testing and to film the action as it happened. Made as a promotional video to be shown at major tackle shows in Europe, species such as snakehead, jungle perch and mahseer were captured taking lures in the wild unspoiled region of Southern Thailand.


Czech National Television CT1 - S Jakubem Na Rybach (May 2009)

Director: Jakub Vagner / Studio W Publishing Company, s.r.o.
Runtime: 55 minutes

In May 2009, National Geographic’s “fish warrior” Jakub Vagner, returned to Thailand to meet up with his close friend Jean-Francois Helias, in order to film a documentary for Czech National Television CT1. Previously, in January 2006, Jean-Francois was engaged by Jakub to guide him and his crew to film a TV documentary and a feature film. On this latest trip, Jakub’s intention was to film the catch of both the freshwater giant stingray and the Siamese giant carp.

The trip was a great success resulting in the capture of a magnificent pair of rare giant stingray estimated at 100 kg and 65 kg respectively, and in addition to this several Siamese giant carp, the best of these weighing in at 40.10 kg.

These catches were instrumental in helping Jakub in achieving his goal to catch every freshwater fish that grows to over 100kg in weight. Jean-Francois Helias proving once again that form is temporary but class is permanent.


John Wilson’s Fishing World – Catfish Thailand (February 2009)

Director: John Wilson / Great Takes TV
Runtime: 30 minutes

John Wilson is a British angler who has been making television angling programmes for the last 20 years. Wilson was voted 'The Greatest Angler of all Time' in a 2004 poll by readers of the Angling Times Newspaper. In addition to this, he has since been awarded an MBE in the 2009 Queen's Birthday Honours List.

In February 2009, John came back to Thailand to film a segment for the second series of John’s Wilson Fishing World. At his invitation, Jean-Francois Helias was privileged to join him for a couple of days of filming and fishing at Ratchaburi Lake.

On only the first day of filming, an american client guided by Jean-Francois was shown landing a huge Amazonian redtail catfish. John was also successful in his quest to catch new and exotic species.



Director: Julia Dorn-Buckler / Michael Hoff Productions Inc.
Runtime: 50 minutes

On July 2, 2007, Fishing Adventures Thailand team pro guide "Kik" caught a monster carp. Kik, who has been guiding with Jean-Francois Helias’ team since its inception, landed the gigantic 120 kilogram (265 pound) Siamese Giant Carp or Catlocarpio siamensis, while guiding at Bung Sam Lan Lake.

The National Geographic show, filmed in March 2008, relates the story of the world's biggest carp ever caught on rod and line in the history of sport fishing. 



Director: Elena Cruz / Michael Hoff Productions Inc.
Runtime: 50 minutes

During the last week of March, 2007 Jean-Francois led an expedition to the Srinakarin reservoir in western Thailand. The group included a National Geographic film production crew and Rick Pike, a recognized top snakehead angler and close personal friend. The purpose of the expedition was to determine if a snakehead species (Channa marulius) that has invaded Florida waters, may have originated in Thailand. This fish is locally known as the cobra snakehead and commonly called the Bullseye snakehead in North America.

The documentary also addresses the invasion of the Northern snakehead into the Potomac River system of North America. Both scientific mission and adventure documentary, the trip produced rare fin tissue from the cobra snakehead to be used by fisheries biologists for DNA analysis.

On the final morning of the expedition, snakehead expert Richard Pike landed a beautiful 9.2 kg giant snakehead. Rick's monstrous fish supplants the previous 50 lb. line class IGFA World Record of 7.4 kg.



Director: Ashley Adams / Michael Hoff Productions Inc.
Runtime: 50 minutes

From the astonishing to the weird to the simply unfathomable, National Geographic Channel’s TV program “Hooked: Monster Fish!” brings viewers face-to-face with the enormous fish that roam our waters and showcases those who pursue these monster fish for food, sport, and scientific discovery.

The National Geographic show, filmed in March 2006, features two of the world’s biggest freshwater fish species native to Thailand. They are the Mekong giant catfish or Pangasianodon gigas (max. weight: 300 kg) and the giant freshwater stingray or Himantura chaophraya (max. weight: 600 kg).

Highlights of the documentary include Jean-Francois, his team, and UK angling client Mark Allen as they fight and land Mekong giant catfish. Also included is Jean-Francois fishing for the scarce giant freshwater stingray on the Bang Pakong River as he relates the story of the epic six hours battle he previously endured with a “barn door” sized stingray exceeding 200 pounds.


Thailand Experience (February 2006)

Director: Peter Collingsworth Films
Runtime: 30 minutes

In February 2006, Angling Direct Holidays director Peter Collingworth and legendary Mahseer fishing guide Dave Plummer came from England to team up with Jean-Francois Helias to produce a commercial angling documentary about fishing in Thailand. The documentary takes the viewer for Mekong catfishing and Siamese giant carp fishing in central Thailand. The trip also included snakehead fishing on top water in the wild jungle of Kanchanaburi province.

During the filming, Jean-Francois broke the 4.10 kg IGFA All Tackle World Record for the Cobra snakehead with a catch of a 4.46 kg.


Czech National Television CT1 - S Jakubem Na Rybach (JANUARY 2006)

Director: Jakub Vagner / Studio W Publishing Company, s.r.o.
Runtime: 55 minutes

Jakub Vagner, one of the world’s best Wels catfishermen, is the most famous angler in the Czech Republic. He is a multi-talented angler involved in all aspects of the fishing business.

He has his own weekly angling program on national television and produces angling documentaries and movies from some of the most remote locations around the world.

In January 2006, Jean-Francois was engaged by Jakub to guide him and his crew to film a TV documentary and a feature film. For three week they recorded both freshwater fishing and bluewater fishing that brings the audience to various destinations including Koh Kut Island, in the Gulf of Siam near Cambodian waters.

The saltwater expedition produced two IGFA World Record catches, for Blue-Lined Rock Cod and Black-Blotched Porcupinefish.



Director: Mike Baker / Winnercomm - ESPN
Runtime: 120 minutes

Cindy Garrison is the star of her own show on the ESPN Outdoors television series called “Get Wild with Cindy Garrison”. Whether on the hunt for exotic fish species or in pursuit of elusive and dangerous game, the very attractive and sexy blonde bombshell is in search of the world's wildest adventures. The wilder, the better!

In January 2006, Cindy traveled to Bangkok, Thailand, to meet and team up with Jean-Francois to film various angling adventures throughout the kingdom. The original intent was to shoot only one episode. However, their respective personalities clicked so well that a vast amount of great footage (19 hours) was collected by the film crew, allowing the production of two episodes.

These fishing documentaries feature Cindy battling the tow-truck Mekong giant catfish, fishing in the wild jungles of Northern Thailand for the savage giant snakehead, and displaying for the very first time on screen, the rare and elusive Bangana behri.


Quest for the world’s biggest carp species in Thailand (September 2005)

Director: Ken Fujioka / Wood's Office - Television Osaka, Inc.
Films Runtime: 30 minutes

During September, 2005 a Japanese film production company shot a sport-fishing movie for distribution on Japan’s nationwide television network. Sponsored by Daiwa Corporation, this was a collaborative effort with Jean-Francois Helias’ Fishing Adventures Thailand and his team of professional guides.

This fishing documentary features the return of legendary carp angler Moteki Kaoru to Thailand. As Japan's carp species fishing master and author of books and articles about carp fishing, he resumed his quest for the rare and elusive Siamese Giant Carp (Catlocarpio siamensis). He also returned to pursue other species of Thai game fish with his old friend Jean-Francois.

Two days of angling were highlighted by Moteki's dream coming true with the catch of a Siamese Giant Carp exceeding 40 kilos. Additionally, numerous Mekong catfish were landed, including a hard-fighting specimen of 41 kilos. Capture and release of predator fish such as Pacu and Chao Phraya Giant Catfish rounded out the action filled trip. .


Seasons - Fishing Adventures in Siam (April 2001)


Director: Eric Ellena & Antoine Loakira / French Connections
Films Runtime: 152 minutes

This April, 2001 movie was shot in collaboration with French Connection Films, the Tourist Authority of Thailand and Jean-Francois Helias of Fishing Adventures Thailand for the cable TV program Seasons Europe.

It features Jean-Francois in action with a group of six skillful international anglers. The group included Japanese journalist Hugo Kashiwagi and Northern Snakehead specialist Shigeharu Inouchi, Belgium writers Ronnie de Groote and Luc Coppens as well as French globetrotters Gerard Cittadini and Gerard Chen Shang. Their targets were various species of snakehead and jungle perch. The quarry is found in the remote reaches of Khao Laem reservoir situated near the Thai border with Burma.

Top-water techniques were employed in this documentary about jungle fishing.


Seasons - Fishing in Thailand (December 2000)

Director: Andreas Wagenhofer / Janus Film Germany
Runtime: 152 minutes

This December, 2000, movie was shot for the cable TV program Seasons Europe in collaboration with Janus Film Germany’s director Andreas Wagenhofer and Fishing Adventures Thailand. It was initiated at the suggestion of leading European angling photographer Olivier Portrat.

The group included leading European fishing experts and writers Arnout Terlouw (Holland), Ronnie de Groote (Belgium), Dr. Jens Bursell (Denmark), Olivier Portrat (Germany).

The filming encompassed one week’s fishing at lake Bung Sam Lan primarily for Mekong Giant Catfish, Siamese Giant Carp and Arapaima. Continuous action, both day and night demonstrated the uniqueness of this special place in the world. The action was highlighted by the catch of an estimated 245 pound Arapaima caught by Arnout Terlouw.


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