"Dear Jean Francois,

Time for me to write the customary thanks to you again.

As always it was an absolute pleasure to fish with you and I really enjoyed myself. Firstly the fishing was superb at your carp venue. I succeeded beyond my wildest dreams with not one but two large Jullien’s Golden Carp, one of the most beautiful fish I have ever seen and a tremendous fight from both of them. I then finally got my Siamese giant carp! After several previous attempts on other waters, you really delivered the goods there as well – I have lost count of the number of carp I caught and the fish on the second day was certainly a respectable enough size to have me delighted! If I add to these successes the fact that you managed to get me six new species to add to the numerous fish I have caught in Thailand with you on previous occasions it really was an incredibly successful two days.

I am always amazed as well at how smoothly everything runs regarding the logistics of a trip, especially beginning and returning to the mad chaos of Bangkok traffic. Once again everything was great, the upcountry hotel was far more comfortable than I had expected, restaurants were better than those I eat in in Bangkok – and much cheaper! The minibus was comfortable for the fairly long drive with a very competent driver and as always you were great company. I am amazed at how you provide the level of service that you do for the price that you charge. br>
You even manage to leave me with a feeling that there is something bigger there that I must return for. I still cannot believe that the fish that snagged me after a 100 metre run that was unstoppable was less than double the size of anything that I caught. Also the size of the scale that was on the hook when the large Siamese that I must have foul hooked broke away, shows conclusively that there are very large fish in that lake! I will certainly be back! I also want to go back to Ratchaburi and you talked about a new snakehead venue.

Finally congratulations on the important work you are doing rebuilding the village school in Laos. It has been a pleasure to contribute to that project and it is something you should feel really proud about.

I look forward to future meetings and fishing!!!

Best regards,"

Jim Catterson, Switzerland

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