"Although I know Jean-Francois only from our many e-mail exchanges, I can confirm that he knows and loves fishes. We have become good friends and he has been very generous in providing me, a research fishery biologist, with valuable information on and photographs of native and introduced fishes from Thailand. For him to take his valuable time to do this is greatly appreciated. What I find truly remarkable and highly commendable is that he is an avid conservationist. I am hoping one day to have the pleasure of meeting him and fishing with him."

Walter R. Courtenay, Jr., Ph.D., Research Fishery Biologist, USGS Florida Integrated Science Centers, Center for Aquatic Resources Studies, Florida, USA

Tricolor Sharkminnow (Balantiocheilos melanopterus) (click to enlarge) Wallago leeri (click to enlarge) Greater Bony Lipped Barb (Osteochilus melanopleurus) (click to enlarge)
Indo-Pacific tarpon (click to enlarge) Fire Eel (Mastacembelus erythrotaenia) (click to enlarge) Grey eel Catfish (Plotosius canius) (click to enlarge)
Cyclocheilichthys enoplus (click to enlarge) Micronema bleekeri (click to enlarge) Boeseman Croaker (Boeseman microlepis) (click to enlarge)
 Smith's Barb (Puntioplites protozysron) (click to enlarge) Scatophagus argus (click to enlarge)  (click to enlarge)
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